Code and group of the educational program:

В047 Marketing and Advertising

Code and name of the educational program:

6B04111 Marketing

Education period: 4

Cost of education: 750000

Degree awarded: Бакалавр

The purpose of this bachelor's program is to train a specialist of a new formation and meet the needs of the country in highly qualified personnel who are able to study the market and the needs of consumers who make effective marketing decisions.

Marketing Research, Marketing Communications, Marketing Management, Branding, Sales Art, Quality and Competitiveness of products, Critical and Creative Thinking, Cross-cultural Marketing, Service Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Intercultural Communication, Merchandising, Sales Organization, Basics of online marketing, Practical Marketing, Industrial Marketing, Advertising and Promotion, Theory and Practice PR, Charisma in business, Digital marketing, Event marketing.

Marketing specialist, marketing analyst, sales manager, advertising manager, sales manager.
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